Dr. Heleodoro Villa Estrada


I am Dr. Heleodoro Villa Estrada and I am the Head Pediatrician at Bonanova Clinic in control of the following areas. Control of growth and development of pediatric patient, Management of vaccines according to the Mexican Official Standard, Detection and treatment of diseases of children (newborn to 18 years), Patient management in critical condition. Learn More I will like to share with you some of my professional backround to encurage your desition to become our Patient. I am Licence to practice in Mexico and appasionate about my Profession Graduated from UMSNH Morelia Michacan to later Post Graduate on Pediatrics at CMNO IMSS Guadalajara Jalisco beeing Board Certified Nationally and one of my Professional Achivments was being Assigned to the intensive care unit Pediatrics Cl 20 IMSS Tijuana BC . I will be happy to see you At Bonanova Clinic
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