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Muscle Building Techniques

There is no denying that we all want to look good by having a physique that is strong, flexible and proportional. Every fitness enthusiast strives to get a muscular and well-toned up body, but building muscles and toning up is often easier said than done. It is easy to waste time with ineffective or downright dangerous moves that may end up causing permanent damage to your physique or health, which is why many people prefer to exercise under the guidance of a fitness expert. The only downside to this is the cost. With the following proven techniques for building muscle, getting that perfect physic that everyone admires without the help of an instructor need not to be as challenging to you as it is to a lot of people. There is really no need to pay someone to help you gain muscles because it is your body that does all the work.

Build Muscle

1) Do a Strength Workout with Free Weights

You can easily do strength routine with weights. This type of routine can actually be performed in 2 ways.
i) By using free weights.
ii) ii) By using a machine.

Using Free Weights for Weight training

A free weight is a weight used in weightlifting that isn’t attached to any workout equipment, for instance a barbell. Barbells are very effective in muscle building as they actually make you to not only lift the weight but also to balance it. And the result is getting muscles in a much more controlled manner than if you were to use a machine. Barbells are also very affordable and can be acquired for a personal gym.

Using Machine

Although it is possible to build muscles using a machine, there are a number of downsides to this option. For instance, if you have average body muscles, a machine routine would usually result in excessive stress to the portion of the body where you intend to build weight, leading to burn out. Also, the routine would make you to involve in some unnatural movements, which might result in total damage to your physique.

2) Maintain Proper Diet

Taking nutritious and wholesome foods will go a long way in helping you to get those bigger muscles. Your daily meals should include foods like;

i) Whole grains for instance oats, brown rice, and Quinoa for the essential carbohydrates.
ii) Fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in minerals and vitamins.
iii) Milk, eggs, white meat, and lean red meat to obtain high quality proteins.

NB/Stay away from highly saturated fat foods such as snacks as these will do more harm than good to your body. Also, never miss any of the day’s 3 important meals i.e breakfast, lunch and dinner/supper. Spread nutritious meals across these 3 different time lines of the day. You cannot skip lunch and try to compensate it with a heavier dinner.

3) Include Full Body Workouts

Including full body routines is one of the most effective techniques for building muscle. After 4 weeks of weight training, you can begin introducing these routines as part of your daily muscle gain program. Involving different muscles within the body at the same time, full body routines maximize weight loss and muscle growth effectively. Some of the popular full body workouts include barbell front squats, general push up, dumbbell bench press and many more. What you must know is that there are specific techniques that should be followed for performing each one these workouts.


There are many other techniques for building muscle, but try these first and see how it goes. We are confident you will love the results after a couple of weeks. NB/Always maintain a proper posture when doing any type of a work out to avoid distorting your physique.